The Microservices Kernel

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Compile apps directly into bootable virtual disks for microservices and immutable infrastructure.

Welcome to the Vorteil Ecosystem!



Designed and developed from {line:1} by the Sisa-Tech developers, the VorteilOS is the core component of the Vorteil ecosystem. VorteilOS gives developers access to only the immutable infrastructure components they need – compute, storage, memory, and networking. It’s blazingly fast (boots up in ~31 milliseconds), smaller than any other unikernel (720 kB), and has no user attack surface (there is no user interface)!


Vorteil Management Server

The Vorteil Management Server (VMS) enables users to compile, run, manage, deploy, and scale the environment, without requiring the technical understanding of the VorteilOS. The management platform was written from scratch as part of the Sisa-Tech software development program. It is the VMS that dramatically simplifies the entire development and deployment lifecycle of an application. Offering a simple command-line client or a web-based interface, a developer can retain versioning information, rollback to known state, auto-scale based on demand, or deploy to multi-cloud providers (private or public)! It’s an enterprise grade management platform!


Vorteil Command Line Interface

The Vorteil Command Line Interface (VCLI) is a standalone utility that contains everything you'll need in order to build your apps into Vorteil Virtual Machines, run them on your favourite hypervisors, and deploy them to the cloud. VCLI speeds up the entire process for you - with super fast disk compiling, in-terminal configuration editors, and local version control.


Why Use Vorteil?

  • It's Secure - There is no user interface in the Vorteil OS, and thus the largest typical attack vector for hackers doesn't exist! Using the microservices architecture approach, you can also spin up and down VMs on demand, meaning there's no possible session hijacking or replaying either.

  • It's Fast - Vorteil VMs are amazingly fast, they can boot up in ~31ms! There's no user space, so the OS doesn't have to context switch, leaving all resources dedicated to running your applications.

  • It's Optimised - The Vorteil OS is tiny, less than 1MB. This means that all of your compute infrastructure can be used to run your apps and services, there's no huge overhead just to keep a server running.

  • Minimal Administration - Patching your servers is a thing of the past. With Vorteil, the only components of the OS are the drivers to provide CPU, disk, memory, and network. If ever you do need to upgrade the OS, just download the new version, and get VMS to recompile your apps and replace the fleet, the process can take as little as 100ms to completely replace a running virtual machine!


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