Quickstart Guide

Use this guide to download the VCLI and get started with your first Vorteil virtual machine.

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Linux Quickstart Guide

Building your first app with Vorteil is easy!

Step 1: Install a hypervisor

If you don't already have a hypervisor installed, the following command will install KVM:

sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm

Other supported hypervisors on Linux are VMware Workstation, VMware Workstation Player, and Oracle VirtualBox

Step 2: Build your Vorteil VM

Then simply download and extract this .tar.gz file to your current working directory.

tar -xvzf vcli_linux.tar.gz

After you've extracted it, set the default hypervisor:

./vcli settings hypervisors default KVM|VIRTUALBOX|VMWARE|VMWARE_PLAYER

Then run the following command to download the latest Vorteil kernel and build the VM and launch it!

./vcli run demo --port-map=0:8080:80

Note that the port map is only supported for KVM and will allow you to reach the VM using this link: Click here to see your HelloWorld in action!

If you are using another hypervisor, browse to the VM on port 80 so see the Hello World! site you've just launched.

How easy was that?!